The WorkingSm@rt® Method


WorkingSm@rt® is a flexible and practical combination of behavior changing methods, best practice process and planning, using world class tools that will transform the way you work.

With the WorkingSm@rt method you will gain control over your day, find balance, prioritise your work and reach your goals. Giving you time to focus on the tasks that are important to you and your company.

Easily applied and simply sustained, the WorkingSm@rt method provides lifelong benefits to individuals, teams and entire organizations

Working Sm@rt with MS Outlook

Increase your productivity and enhance on-the-job performance with practical Working Sm@rt methods using Microsoft Outlook.

Working Sm@rt with OneNote

Collaborate in a way that maximizes flexibility while minimizing the places you need to look to find key information or data.

Working Sm@rt in Meetings

Learn how to organize and run a successful meeting, while getting the most out of all the meetings you attend.

Project Planning Breakthroughs

Imagine a highly practical planning and execution project management process that is immediately understood by everyone.