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Working Sm@rt +Microsoft OneNote Executive Briefing

Working Sm@rt +Microsoft OneNote Executive Briefing

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Make sharing information with your team as easy as 1-2-3

Who should attend:

This solution is designed for effective collaboration, people who need to "work on the move", planning events, manages smaller projects and so much more!  Anyone who has to take notes and use automated tools to organise and manage information

  • Instructor-led session

  • Coaching session is available if needed

Tools provided:
  • Comprehensive Learning Guide

  • Enrollment in our monthly LearningLink

  • Client for Life status

The key to success lies in the ability for teams to work together without the constraint of being together. Whether the challenge is virtual, where geography is the issue or the reality of team schedules not lining up.

Now it is possible to collaborate in a way that maximises flexibility and minimises the places you need to look to find key information or data.

Find everything you need for a specific project or subject in OneNote book not your note book.

This will help you to:

  • Create, edit, organise, and enhance notes using Microsoft OneNote

  • Share information "real time"

  • Integrate your notes with other applications

  • Apply best practice behaviour and processes with Onenote

Next steps:

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